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"Hi, I'm Kurt Whitesell, Vice President of Summit Wealth Group. One of the reasons I joined Summit was for the additional resources that they had. A financial planning department that helps us identify opportunities within financial plans. Our advisor development department works with our staff and financial advisors and helps them grow and develop. Our marketing department is phenomenal. They help us grow our business. HR, we have a whole team of phenomenal individuals who help us reward our staff and ensure that we're honoring them for their work. In addition to that, we have operations. The operations team takes on a lot of the things that I never had the time to do on my own while trying to grow my business. Last but not least, I'd like to add that we have other like-minded advisors going in the same direction, on the same boat."

Advisor Development / Recruiting

Advisor Development:  Top performers frequently use a personal coach to keep them at peak levels. At Summit Wealth Group, I work with each of our advisors to help them bring their business plans to reality. An objective observer can help you define your goals, identify daily activities crucial for success, and track your progress. If you have ever attended a productivity seminar only to return home and find yourself buried in the inertia of your practice, you will appreciate our customized, hands-on approach to advisor development!

Recruiting:  Adding a new advisor to your practice is exciting! It can allow the senior advisor to focus on premier clients while maintaining a high level of service for your entire practice. Selecting the right advisor to join your firm can increase revenue and may also be the first step in realizing your succession plan. Identifying talent is a time-consuming process. The wrong hire can cost you dearly. At Summit Wealth Group, we can help source, vet, and onboard advisor candidates to maximize your chances for success!


Keith Florquist

Advisor Development / Recruiting

Financial Planning Department

Our financial planning department at Summit frees up the advisor’s time to meet with clients and continue building relationships. Our financial planning team creates custom-tailored financial strategies for clients on behalf of our advisors. We work closely with each advisor to create an individualized financial roadmap for their clients. 

Through the use of our planning software, processes, and team of planning professionals, we produce high-quality, comprehensive financial plans. The team is versatile in what we can deliver, anything from a complex, comprehensive financial plan to a basic needs analysis. Utilizing our department also allows a second set of eyes on the analysis as we consult with the advisor on every plan and often tap into the knowledge of multiple planners on more complex plans. 

This unique approach of having a department specifically for financial planning has proven very beneficial. Not only does it free up time for our advisors, but it also allows the planners to come together cohesively to share the best ideas/solutions. In addition, a planning department allows financial analysis to be produced more efficiently and at a higher caliber. The financial planning department is here to help our advisors find the best financial solutions for their clients.

Nicole Davis
Director of Financial Planning Services

Marketing Team

The marketing team is here to assist our branch offices in many ways, including generating marketing materials, assisting with client events, staying on top of new marketing trends, and providing ideas and tools for your success as a financial advisor. We also help with social media, advertising, and occasional lead-generating campaigns.

We focus our marketing efforts on the corporate and individual branch office levels to ensure the Summit brand is consistent, resonating with our target audience, and well positioned for future growth. One unique way we assist our advisors is by providing them with a “get-to-know-me” promotional video they can use in their marketing and prospecting efforts. We produce professional-grade, creative story-telling videos in-house. This has proven popular with our audience and can help you reach more people than you previously thought possible. Check out some of our video work here.

Josh Willink

Director of Marketing

Operations & Human Resources

Our Operations & Human Resources team is here to provide guidance and effective communication opportunities to support our executive, management, and employee teams with their daily business activities and growth strategies. 


In support of Summit’s vision, purpose, mission, and values, our team focus is to establish, administer, and effectively communicate sound policies, rules, and practices that treat employees with equality while maintaining corporate “one company” directives and employment labor law compliance. 

We continually strive to gain knowledge, inspire and encourage our employees, through a team-work philosophy that maintains a balance between the professional side of Summit and our ability to have fun.  What is our most valuable resource? – our PEOPLE.

It is our mission to build a positive team and family spirit while encouraging our employees to pursue personal and professional growth and development. We are committed to engaging our employees in company and community activities with an enthusiasm that we hope develops long-term, intentional relationships and a caring attitude throughout our Summit team.


Carmelle Nemechek

Director of Corporate Operations | Human Resources

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