Would a partnership with Summit be mutually beneficial?

During the get-to-know-each-other process, we are looking to see if we are a good fit for you, as well as whether or not you are a good fit to join Summit Wealth Group. Whether or not this is a mutually beneficial relationship can only be answered fully during our recruiting process should you continue to pursue an opportunity with Summit Wealth Group.

While this is not all-inclusive, we have determined that there are certain factors that might indicate an advisor is a good fit. Here are some of the advisors we find we work really well with:

  • Advisors passionate for growth

Advisors who are content where they are at are typically not a good fit. We have the resources and platform to provide advisors with the leverage to grow their practice. If the advisor is content with the size of their firm, great! We celebrate that with them, but we also acknowledge that an opportunity with Summit is probably not in their best interest. For those advisors passionate about growth, and who have run into time management issues, capacity, hiring the right people, feeling stagnant, Summit Wealth Group might be a great fit, and a great opportunity.

  • Recurring revenue is more than 50% of the advisor’s practice

With our firm’s model of providing fee-based wealth management as fiduciaries, and with the industry trending away from commission-based products, we tend to gravitate more towards the advisors who have already built up their business in this way as well.

  • Total annual revenues of $350,000 – $700,000 per year

For advisory practices in this ballpark, we find that the firm is in an optimal position to benefit from what Summit has to offer.

  • Advisors with a clean background and reputation in the industry

It is generally a red flag for us if an advisor has some licensing disclosure issues or U4 concerns. Often there are valid explanations which is why we treat these on a case by case basis.

Can I keep my employees?

Absolutely! If you have current admins, advisors, or other employees, and are happy with their work, we prefer they stay! It is never easy to find a reliable employee who you trust, so we absolutely encourage you to keep them if it makes sense to you.

Is Summit a Christian company?

This is a question that is asked from time to time. Our leaders founded the company on Christian principles and there is no doubt about it, our company culture and core beliefs are infused with biblical values.

However, we welcome clients, employees, and advisors of all religions, cultures, ethnicities or backgrounds. We embrace and celebrate the many diverse backgrounds and religions represented within our company and will never discriminate against or alienate those with differing beliefs.

We start all of our monthly team meetings with a devotion and time of prayer. This is very non-denominational and we do not require our employees to participate, but it is a chance for us to reflect on our blessings while seeking personal and spiritual growth.

What are the next steps?

We are excited to know you are interested in pursuing this further. To help save time on both ends, we ask advisors to go through a brief questionnaire which can help us determine if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us. Basically, we want to be sure this is something worth pursuing on both ends. Once you complete this questionnaire, we will be in contact with you. Please click here to fill out this questionnaire.

Still have questions?

Please use our contact form to set up an appointment! We’d love to speak with you.

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