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Our Story

Summit Wealth Group's inception dates back to 1985 when CEO Randy Morris founded Executive Financial Planning, Inc. (EFP) with a desire to provide independent, customized advice to clients with a financial planning emphasis.


Over the next 17 years, EFP grew to become one of the nation's largest independent financial advisory firms. The formation of Summit Wealth Group in the fall of 2002 deepened that initial vision.

Today, Summit Wealth Group is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, and has locations in five different states with ten total branch offices. Summit Wealth Group specializes in a planning-first approach in its relationships with clients.

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From One Branch to Ten

Since establishing our headquarters in Colorado Springs, we’ve focused on expanding our reach into other parts of the country.

BankFirst Partnership (2005): Our first foray beyond Colorado was through a strategic alliance with BankFirst, a regional community bank based in Madison, MS. This marked our initial remote location, setting the stage for further growth. Our partnership with BankFirst expanded our reach beyond Colorado, allowing us to serve clients in Mississippi. This collaboration enriched our expertise and diversified our client base.


Lakewood, CO (2009): We opened our doors in Lakewood, Colorado, extending our services to clients in the Denver metropolitan area. 


Scottsdale, AZ (2010): Our presence expanded to Scottsdale, Arizona, catering to clients in the southwestern region.


Cook Financial Associates Acquisition (2011): We acquired Cook Financial Associates, based in Lone Tree, CO. This strategic move added depth to our services and established our fifth branch office.


Precepts Wealth Management (2013): Gary James and his practice, Precepts Wealth Management, joined Summit from Meridian, MS. Their commitment to personalized financial services aligned perfectly with our values.


David Lee Financial Merger (2015): David Lee Financial merged with Summit, granting us a branch office in Memphis, TN. This partnership allowed us to serve clients in the mid-South region effectively.


Dave Adams and Adams Investment Strategies (2021): In December 2021, Dave Adams and his firm, Adams Investment Strategies, became part of Summit. Franklin, TN (near Nashville), welcomed our second Tennessee branch office.


Kurt Whitesell and Whitesell Financial (2022): In 2022, Kurt Whitesell and his team from Whitesell Financial joined Summit, further enhancing our capabilities in the Midwest. 


Legacy Wealth Planners (2023): Most recently, Legacy Wealth Planners joined Summit, reinforcing our commitment to comprehensive wealth management. It strengthened our presence in the Rocky Mountain region.


Join Summit

If you are an elite solo advisor or ensemble looking to scale, thrive, and secure your legacy, getting started is easy:

  • Click "Join Summit" to schedule a meeting.

  • We will connect with you to discuss the opportunity to join Summit or sell your book.

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